Education Law

Public and Private Schools and Colleges

Attorneys at Chamberlain ♦ McHaney have successfully represented a wide range of educational institutions across Texas—including large urban public school districts, small rural public school districts, charter and private schools, and colleges. With over six decades of combined experience working with boards of education, trustees, administrators, superintendents, general and in-house counsel, and other senior leadership, we understand the needs of educational institutions and the particular challenges they face as both unique organizations and stewards of America’s future. Susan G. Morrison leads the education law section, and was an integral part of a team that was recognized by U.S. News and World Reports as a top-tier legal team in education law for five consecutive years (2012-2016). She brings her cutting-edge expertise and professionalism to Chamberlain ♦ McHaney.

Our attorneys have taught administrators and school boards how to get along and how to sever employment relationships without getting sued. We have trained thousands of public and private employees in prevention of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation. Our attorneys conduct confidential investigations as well as train district management teams in techniques to discover the truth about employee misconduct.

The firm provides experienced counsel concerning the following:

  • policy and governance issues, including public information requests, ISD police department formation and policies, employment issues, employee contracts, investigations of sexual or other misconduct, and election law issues
  • educational issues, including special education and student discipline
  • constitutional and civil rights issues, including due process, free speech, religion in schools, and issues related to diversity, desegregation, and LGBT accommodations
  • charter school regulations and educator certification
  • business issues, including real estate and construction transactions, condemnations, and contract disputes
  • grievances, hearings, litigation, and appeals

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