Our Skills


Often, stale cases are costly cases. We work to set cases for trial and to enforce those settings when possible, because we know it usually results in a resolved case sooner rather than later. Aggressive case disposition saves money and produces a better result in most situations.


Complex cases do not lend themselves to cookbook solutions. We have a track record of finding creative, innovative approaches to resolving our client's problems on the most favorable terms including complex, multiparty litigation. Whether it is through tactical use of discovery, motion practice, trial strategy or settlement arrangements, we know how to think outside the box to achieve the best result for each case.


When it is necessary to go to trial, we have the skills to be an aggressive and effective advocate for our clients. We are experienced, prepared and jury friendly. There are benefits to trying cases, even difficult ones. The primary benefit being that when we are prepared to go to trial, the other side is more likely to be prepared to settle. Requiring claimants to try their cases often costs them more money than settling would. This pays off in the form of both reduced settlement amounts and reduced defense costs.


In the emerging age of alternative ways to resolve disputes, our firm offers mediation and arbitration services. The firm has over fifteen years experience in serving as a mediator and arbitrator in insurance and commercial related matters.