Insurance Law

Our attorneys have over 150 years combined experience in all aspects of insurance law including legislation, regulation, and litigation. The firm's record is verified by its selection as one of Best's Recommended Insurance Attorneys. The firm has successfully represented insurance company policy holders under general and professional liability insurance policies in cases ranging from intellectual property to premises liability, from construction defects to product liability, from fire loss to coverage litigation. The firm has represented medical service providers, insurance agents, major retailers, Fortune 500 product manufacturers, general and subcontractors of practically every trade. The firm also has long standing relationships with insurance carriers to which it provides services ranging from coverage analysis, policy preparation and approval, and transactional and legislative counsel. The firm's appellate section has successfully litigated insurance coverage issues, producing published appellate decisions that have shaped Texas insurance law. This broad and deep experience translates into effective advice, efficient case handling, and exemplary outcomes.

Insurance policies are often the subject of complex litigation. This is a specialized area of the law involving important rights for both the policy holder and the insurance carrier. Several of our attorneys have considerable experience in analyzing and interpreting the coverage provided under various types of insurance policies. We prepare opinions regarding coverage issues, assist insurance companies in analyzing coverage defenses and represent both insurers and policy holders in insurance coverage litigation. Judges frequently interpret policies, not always consistently. Our attorneys constantly monitor this area of the law and often write and speak on this topic.