Medical Malpractice Law

Health care professionals work in a complex and evolving professional, business, and legal environment. Reforms in the Texas medical liability system have improved conditions for doctors and hospitals and allied health care professionals in recent years. The number of physicians practicing and serving patients has increased statewide and particularly in underserved areas. Experienced and skilled legal counsel is essential to limiting risk exposure when issues relating to medical services do arise, either in the context of professional liability claims or professional licensure proceedings under government auspices. Our Firm has long experience in analyzing medical issues, and we work to promptly and thoroughly evaluate claims to advise clients in the most efficient and effective approach to dispute resolution for the particular circumstances presented. The Firm’s services extend to physicians (including practice groups), dentists, nurses, physician’s assistants, counselors, therapists,hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers, home health care providers, and assisted living facilities in health care related matters, including negligence, product liability, and statutory claims.